• Handpan Player
  • Drummer
  • Percussionist
  • Recording Artist
  • Designer

Graphics & Arts

Graphic Design, my second, deep, love… after music obviously.

A hobby that became my first job immediately after High School and… it still is!

After several years working in agencies alongside great designers and developers, I have learnt many techniques, strategies and ways to develop an idea straight from your mind to a piece of paper or on a screen.

During those years, I had deeply developed the desire to blend these two worlds: Music and Design… And finally, I started to do this as a Freelancer.

I love sharing my knowledge and helping artists to develop their ideas into real concepts and visual arts, from a simple business card to stage panels and so on. Basically, I made all visual concepts for my music and also for my projects, bands as well as for other artists and musicians.

I am currently working closely with local artists in order to help them to enhance their visual concepts: sharing some of my visionary views of Arts and Graphic Design and guiding them in the right direction.

Send me a message or see some of my works below

    Here some of my Artworks and Projects...

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