• Handpan Player
  • Drummer
  • Percussionist
  • Recording Artist
  • Designer

This is NikMartken

“Rhythm is everywhere… It’s all around us, you can feel it, even touch it sometimes. It is inside you, your heart, breathe, the way you walk: that’s rhythm. Rhythm is everything”.

Hi! I am NikMartken, an Italian drummer and poli-percussionist which, as you can see above, is obsessed with rhythm and all rhythmic instruments.
My musical experience with percussions started at 16 when, after some months of savings, I was able to buy my first cheap drumset on eBay and, since then, I’ve expanded the percussive collection with new toys from all over the world. I finally realised my greatest dream in 2019: the Handpan.

More from NikMartken

My Discography

Recording Artist & Audio Engineering

Experimenting with recordings

“It is a long process, but you learn by your mistakes… and then BOOM!
You have the greatest sound ever!”

I am not only a drummer and percussionist (and not even that good), but I also pay attention to details in the studio when recording myself, other artists and FOR other artists.
You need to know how to use different mics for the right sound, techniques and sometimes to think out of the box… In this way who knows what can come out of those takes: maybe a signature sound or a new unique harmony… It’s definitely a discovery process.

Graphics, Web and more... a 360 degree artist

Graphics & Visual Arts

Moreover, I am also a Graphic and Web Designer, my second, deep, love that became my main job, and it still is!

After several years working in design agencies, I started to walk my own path where I am trying to reach my biggest dream: blending Design and Music.

By sharing my knowledge, I love helping and developing ideas not only for compositions, recordings and more but also developing visual and graphic concepts for my projects, bands, collaborations and other musicians and artists in general.

I am currently working closely with local artists for developing their visual concepts and guiding them in the right direction by sharing also some of my visionary view of Arts and Graphic Design.

Are you an artist that needs a quick sketch?
Do you have something bigger in mind?
Feel free to drop me a message and let’s talk about it.

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