• Handpan Player
  • Drummer
  • Percussionist
  • Recording Artist
  • Designer

NikMartken Projects & Bands

Headtrip Acoustic Project
Headtrip Acoustic Project

Headtrip Acoustic Project is a trio of musicians that met playing music in the streets of Dublin, Ireland. Since then, we started mixing our influences creating a unique style and atmosphere. Our music is a journey where we tell stories through sound.

Cosmik Debris
Cosmik Debris
Prog-Rock & Blues

Cosmik Debris is a multi-cultural prog-rock & blues band formed in fall 2017 in Dublin.
The band had few changes in the lineup after the departure of the previous drummer and bass player, but now we are ready to rock.

Thrash Metal

Primordial and primitive mixed with thrash and rude metal sounds.
This is in a nutshell Krude, a thrash metal band based in Dublin where we mix different styles without compromising the roots of our evolution.

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