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NikMartken Projects & Bands

Headtrip Acoustic Project

Instrumental Acoustic Trio

Headtrip Acoustic Project is a trio that met playing music in the streets of Dublin, Ireland.
Since then, we started mixing our influences creating a unique style and musical atmospheres.

We like to describe our music as journey, where we tell stories through sound.

So far, Headtrip Acoustic Project has released a 5-track-long EP called “The rising” in 2018 and four singles: “Imagine”, a John Lennon cover in 2020, “Bleeding Waters” and “Celtic Quest” in 2022 and “The Mirage” in 2023.

Also, on January 2024, the band released its first full album called “The Root Of Illusion”, with the amazing cover art by Alice Rostane.



Invain were formed back in 2004 in Padua (Italy) originally with Alessandro Reani (Bass and Vocals), Christopher Cognonato (Drums and Percussions) e Pierpaolo Salmaso (Guitars).

The first EP “Sad Eyes” was released in 2006 and their first album “Life In Pills” (2011) led the band to a discrete success in the Northen Italy underground music scene.

In 2013, Samuele Burattin (Guitars) joined the band adding his classic rock influences to their music. Lately, Invain entered in hiatus after the departure of Christopher in 2015.

In 2022 Invain did their first rehearsal with me behind the drums: the results is we are now working on new material and probably a new single is right behind the corner.


Rock Reagge Hip-Hop

Kandemic is the first intergalactic music collaboration spreading the word about free-thinking and a new world view.

Kandemic first single “2020” was released on the 28th of March 2021 and since then the band has released one single each month. The first album, “Lockdown Sessions”, was available in 2022.

On 2023 the bans releases the second album, “Conspiracy Theories”, spacing between hard rock, reggae, electronic, ska… Without compromising the well-known kandemic sound.

Winona Joyce

80's Soundtracks & More

I always had the idea to play drums in a rock band where we are re-arranging famous movie themes in a rock-ish way, and most of the iconic movies I like are from the 80s… so it naturally happened.

Winona Joyce came alive after sharing some ideas with musicians between Padua and Venice, and the project is now proposing iconic movie soundtracks and playing the most famous hits that were released during the 80s.

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