• Handpan Player
  • Drummer
  • Percussionist
  • Recording Artist
  • Designer

Portfolio Category: Logo creation

Winona Joyce - Logo and T-Shirt design

Logo creation and T-Shirt design for "Winona Joyce".

Spotify Playlist Cover Artworks

For Cookie Disk Recordz

Kandemic - Logo

Logo design and digitalisation for Kandemic

George Sandru - Business card

Business card and logo creation for George Sandru, a fingerstyle guitarist.

Headtrip Acoustic Project - 'The Rising' cover art

Full EP album cover concept and realisation, including the CD artwork.

Mezcaleros - Band logo

Mezcaleros Drunk & Roll official logo design.

Remains Of Society - Banner

Banner and logo creation for a previous band of mine called "Remains Of Society".

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