“Yes, everyone is alive but without a soul, without a purpose, without the energy of inspiration and desire that animates all life”.

This is how Parwana Amiri starts one of her letters about the Ritsona Refugee Camp, Letter No.15, a story that is not isolated, a story that is common in places like that, between these people that dream about countries with no borders, where everyone is living their own life and they don’t have to run away from injustice, war, terrorism, blood and death.

I didn’t know who Parwana was before, but now I know her story, which unfortunately is very similar to the stories of many other people in this crazy world. I got the chance to get closer to these stories thanks to Marta Visentin, an Italian translator that decided to give an Italian voice to this girl, by translating the letter n.15 into Italian, our native language. When you read about the atrocities, the blood and everything that is happening around you in your own language, it resonates stronger, more powerful… And when Marta asked me to use ‘Circle Of Life’ as the soundtrack for this project, I couldn’t say no: I am honoured that something I created is helping to spread the voice and bringing some light to a reality that we, sometimes, deliberately decide to ignore because it’s too hard to digest.
Marta worked on the translation of the letter and took care of all relations between us, Parwana and Linn Hansen, a German videomaker who did the magic putting together the video, creating a visual representation of the letter, with an occidental point of view.

Nothing more to say, I leave you with the video and please share it, share the word, share what Parwana Amiri and others like her have to say.

Parwana Amiri is a human rights activist, author and poet. She is also a teacher and coordinator of “Wave of Hope for the Future”. She is currently living with her family in Ritsona Refugee Camp, Greece.
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Marta Visentin is an Italian translator specialising in literary translation from English and Spanish to Italian. She is based in Dublin, Ireland. She translates articles from English to Italian for the independent journalism project “Migrant Women Press”.
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Linn Hansen is a visual artist and writer based in Dublin and Hamburg. Her works centre around quiet sceneries, urban still lives and our placement within those abstract spaces. A theme that is also reflected in her upcoming novel.
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