Can you feel that uncontrolled energy arising and pushing you to move, dance and do all those crazy things that make you feel alive?

This is a personal interpretation of what Euphoria could be and, in a nutshell, we can say “being you”… and these feelings are so strong that you can’t resist them for long: you must go with the flow and you will feel alive.

Let’s take some steps back.
Remember when you were a child and you weren’t analyzing your behaviour that much?

If you felt that it was the time to move, dance or make some noise, you simply did it. We all did it.
That’s the kind of euphoria I am referring to, a pure and simple essence that comes from our inner self, the young one, that still pushes us to have some real and healthy fun during our life right in the moment we need it the most.

This young entity knows us, but it also knows that our brain needs to be switched off and sometimes we have to follow the pure instinct of moving freely, going with the right beat of that song.

And with the video, I’ve tried to share this personal view, with some psychedelic vibes…

One last but very important concept of the song that I really want to share with you is about the cover of ‘Euphoria’.

I was not really sure how to express the concept above as an image, but something out of nowhere whispered “why don’t you ask your nephew?”.

That actually sounded pretty cool, but still, what could I ask him to draw?
The answer came pretty easy in the end: it could be me playing the main instruments of the song, the drums and didgeridoo. So, I took a couple of pictures and sent them to him and he literally created the awesome design you can see in the cover, after a little “psychedelic” twist that I made to be coherent with the track.

This is his personal interpretation, what matters the most to me.

‘Euphoria’ is available on: