I was secretly working on this project for a month or so… but finally, I am ready to share it with the World: nikmartken.com is finally LIVE!

A quick introduction to myself: I am a Drummer, Percussionist and Handpan Player and you can check a more detail bio in my about me section.
This portal is meant to be a place where you can easily find all my latest releases, collected in the discography section as well as my official videos and other projects and collaborations.
And of course, there’s this Blog section where I am posting my latest news and other interesting things that are happening around.

I am also a graphic designer, and I am posting all new artworks and more on this website: have a look here, and if you like something or need a special artwork for your music cover, band or anything else, I am more than welcome to help: just drop a message and let’s have a chat.

NikMartken is not only a “360 degrees” artists, I like to experiment with recordings and I’ve recorded and helped few musicians already like Zar Acoustic, Headtrip Acoustic Project, Giovanni Agostini, George Sandru and more… If you want to start a collaboration or have an inquiry, drop a message here.

Well, I think that’s it!
Enjoy the website, listen to my music if haven’t yet and check my social media channels and Youtube if you like my music.

Chat soon!