Sometimes it’s way too easy to get lost in our thoughts, in the excess of lust: any type of lust in this world…

It is like waves hitting the rocks during a blowing storm, but the rocks stay there, motionless, getting hit…. again and again, forever. They get consumed by the storm, by the water, but they stay there as if they are finding some kind of pleasure in this self-destructive behaviour. Like us, at times.

You may say: “Why are you using the ‘rocks’ as a reference to ourselves? Rocks are strong, they are facing the storm, the waves for years and years and even though they are getting damaged, they still stay there”.

Nothing is more true than that and yes, we are strong, like rocks.
During my life, on the one hand I have met people that showed me this strength, they taught me what is really important in life. I am constantly receiving these lessons from older, or younger, friends and this is simply awesome! But, on the other hand, I have met people who are “strong” from another point of view.
If you are wondering which one, well… I have no better way to say it so I will be pretty straightforward: self-destruction.

I bet most of us faced this at least once: it could have been us or someone we know.
When we see this in others it’s so easy to say something and act, but it’s so hard to see it when it’s us having a self-destructive behaviour.
So here comes the reason why I am referring to rocks: they are strong, absolutely, but they are not moving away from there, the sea, and the sea is hitting them with waves, destroying them little by little until they will be sand. Sand, which once was a mountain.

If you watch the animated video (available also at the end of this post), you will see the “waves” representing ourselves: the two human profiles are creating a shape, and that shape shakes… the waves are released, somewhere.
As I said in the description of the video, it’s up to us to find the right way to escape from this labyrinth of pleasures and thoughts… Otherwise, what will remain of us? Nothing else but a tiny little stone at the mercy of the sea.

If you want to listen to te song, just play on the animated video below.