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This is my Blog...

Letters to the World from Ritsona (no.15)

"Yes, everyone is alive but without a soul, without a purpose, without the energy of inspiration and desire that animates all life". This is how Parwana Amiri starts one of her letters...

This is 'Euphoria'!

Can you feel that uncontrolled energy arising and pushing you to move, dance and do all those crazy things that make you feel alive? This is a personal interpretation of what Euphoria coul...

Getting lost in the 'Debauchery Waves'

Sometimes it's way too easy to get lost in our thoughts, in the excess of lust: any type of lust in this world… Debauchery Waves that could lead you towards something unclear.

The 'Clessidra' and its Sands Of Time

Time, this unmovable force that everything controls, everything changes. We can't control time, we easily let it slide through our fingers, like sand. This is why I've...

The 'Ouroboros', the Circle Of Life

The Ouroboros is a very powerful symbol, which has ancient origins and still is fascinating many people around the world... But where this symbol comes from?

The Symbols behind 'Skies • Seas • Rocks'

Skies • Seas • Rocks is a song written for and on behalf of Mother Nature but I didn't want to be too explicit: I wanted to find another way to share this concept. What follows explains why I ...

HCU, the Handpan Community United

Countless people have developed a relationship with and enriched their lives through the handpan for more than a decade, and many can’t imagine a life without it.

Welcome to my Website!

I was secretly working on this project for a month or so… but finally, I am ready to share it with the World: is finally LIVE!

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